Self-compassion in the hospitality industry

Self-compassion helps to keep calm, manage our emotions and stay calm even when someone is not. In the industry this is very useful because there are always costumers that are not satisfied by the product or service we provide, and it is really important to understand how they feel but also to be rational and give a good answer. 

So for example, if a client in a hotel gets mad because he ordered a specific room or meal and he didn’t got it, but he is being disrespectful, we should be calm and try to explain that it was a mistake but we can solve a problem, there are always solutions so being compassionate with others and with ourselves helps a lot in the hospitality industry.


  1. Brenda, you understood and appreciated the idea of the soothing regulator, that part of our brain that can help us stay calm and not react out of feeling threatened or angry. I hope the ideas we discussed will be useful in your business. I see you have already found ways that these ideas can be used. Brava!


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